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28 Mar 2012


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Challenge: explain what you do without words

My previous post, Writing Counts, & the look of this blog are pretty big give-aways of the the importance I attach to writing. I'm a decent writer but you gotta keep challenging yourself & the best challenges are often the really scary ones. And what could possibly be more scary to a writer than this: "Can you explain what you do without words"?

I'm working on a new online product. Not quite ready for launch but I'm submitting to YC. Again. To stir things up a bit I decided to try to capture what it feels like to use this new product without using words & without showing it.

Here goes, I put it on Youtube. Watch it here ... I think it does a decent job of capturing what it feels like to use my app. You be the judge of it.

Can you explain what you do without words?

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